Commercial Snow Ice Management

Did you know that on average over 300,000 people per year are injured in “slip and fall” accidents? The resounding number not only comprises the second-highest accidental death rate in the United States, but it can also cost an employer an average of up to $28,000 per claim.


Want to avoid the misfortune of an employee injury and the hassle of your liability insurance being compromised?


G. Norwood Landscape understands the importance of a quality snow and ice management operation and can assist in the aforementioned occurrences before they happen. For over thirty years we have provided shopping plazas, healthcare facilities, medical buildings, office buildings, convenience stores, and many more with exceptional snow removal service from the beginning of a storm and will see it through until the very end. We understand what it takes to ensure that your employees, business associates, and customers make it from Point A to Point B in a safe, secure environment.


Our snow and ice management operation is capable of handling all aspects of your snow removal with services including:

Commercial Snow Plowing
Pre and Post Storm Salting/De-Icing Treatment
Snow Removal Services‚Äč

For all your Landscape needs.