Mosquito/Tick Control

Mosquito/tick Control

Is your outdoor experience being ruined by relentless pests such as mosquitos and ticks? Being able to enjoy your own yard shouldn’t be a hassle. Take back your yard again, and eliminate mosquitos, ticks, and other pesky insects from your property with our protective barrier treatment.

Applied by our licensed professional, our barrier treatment not only eliminates mosquitos and ticks for up to 21 days, but it also reduces the risk of potential diseases that come along with them. With insect illnesses on the rise, it is essential to protect your family and pets. For maximum protection all season long, we highly recommend retreatment every 3 weeks.

Protective Barrier Program

Covers perimeter of property (foliage, fencing etc), or suggested active areas/ around building structure and gardens. Provides 21 days of protection and is recommended to retreat every 3 weeks. Safe around children and pets.

Special Event Sprays

Eliminate pesky insects from your guest list!

Having a family gathering, barbecue with friends, or hosting an outdoor party for your business? Don’t let the worry of mosquitos interfere with your festivities. Protect you and your guests from the nuisance of buzzing/ biting insects. The application should be applied 24-48 hours before the event.

How it works

Our licensed technician will walk the property in order to identify problem areas such as shaded, vegetated and moisture areas. It is good measure to eliminate any areas that have accumulated/stagnant water because this is where female mosquitos breed.  After a thorough walk through and possible suggestions for intergraded pest management techniques, an environmentally friendly mosquito eliminating mist will be applied to the perimeter of your property, active areas, foliage and or building structure. This treatment provides an instant and residual effect; therefore it eliminates pests on contact while a protective coating shields your property for up to 21 days!!!

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